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Building the Digital Infrastructure for a Decarbonized Industry

Future-proof, sustainable products need verifiable, granular certification

Energy accounts for 73% of our global CO2 emissions. Addressing this is one of humanity’s greatest challenges.

That’s why we focus on making green certification simple for energy-intensive goods producers. We embed green compliance and certification logics in industrial stacks,  so that supply chains are optimized for "certified green" - from inception to operations at scale.  

Today's certification relies on processes that don't scale

Certification relies on a 20th-century inherited verification process. It is manual, non-scalable, costly, yearly performed and thus non-granular. As a result, energy-intensive goods producers cannot show reliably that what they produce and commercialize is green.

To add to the challenge, regulatory requirements are increasingly complex and multi-layered, while the number of certification standards globally increases. Overall, green certification has become a tedious yet business-critical issue for producers.

The Power-to-X value chain is under the highest pressure to demonstrate sustainability. This is where we start.

80% of our world’s energy consumption is in the form of fuels and gases. Hydrogen and its derivatives (ammonia, methanol, synthetic methane, sustainable aviation fuels etc.) can replace these.

If and only if hydrogen remains low-carbon on its entire value chain, then it can constitute a central piece of  the net-zero puzzle - avoiding up to 80 GT CO2 emissions by 2050. This is where we come in.  The aim is not "lots of hydrogen" - it is decarbonization.

Our Team

We are a team of energy markets specialists, data scientists, developers, designers and product strategists who believe that technology has a key role to play in enabling a greener tomorrow.

Flore De Durfort

Erika Degoute

Quentin Cangelosi

Johannes Werner

Dominik Peller

Kevin Merckx

Harry Goode

Pranav Dolli

Stay ahead of customer demand and lead the path to decarbonisation.

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