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Atmen's software platform helps hydrogen & e-fuels site operators streamline all activities related to sustainability compliance and certification.

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Effortlessly trace the attributes of each batch using Digital Product Passports based on encrypted operational data

Maintain mass balances along the value chain

Obtain and monetise government-approved certificates

Craft Compelling Data-Driven Sustainability Stories  

Digital Product Passports carry and validate the sustainability attributes of each batch along the value chain.  They act as the enabling layer to manage certificates issuance, transfer and cancellation - at scale.

Turn complex, scattered operational data into unified audit trails and understandable sustainability stories.

Manage certificates issuance, transfer and cancellation - at scale.

Save Time and Money with Automated Certification

Manage your pool of electricity, hydrogen and/or e-fuels certificates in one unified interface.

Easily and continuously trace sustainability attributes, maintain your mass balances.

Issue Sustainability Declarations for your green production.

Ace audits. Save 90% time and effort as compared to traditional, manual alternatives and achieve cost efficient compliance




We connect your production asset to our tamperproof IoT solution and software suite ensuring the end-to-end verification and certification process. We loop in your chosen certification scheme and verifier to automate and streamline all communication and data flows on your behalf.

Provide customers with digital product passports tracing carbon intensity of every batch along the value chain. Share proven sustainability stories. Enable lightning fast verification and certification processes with readily-available auditable data.

Allocate electricity GOs to your hydrogen production sites to meet offtaker requirements; allocate Proofs of Sustainability to every batch produced. Monitor and tweak as needed – without breaking a sweat.

Stay ahead of customer demand and lead the path to decarbonisation.

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