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In a significant development for the hydrogen and e-fuels industry, TÜV NORD EnSys GmbH & Co. KG has partnered with Munich-based technology firm Atmen. This collaboration aims to assist hydrogen and e-fuels project developers in navigating the complexities of EU sustainability compliance and certification - a critical aspect of business operations even before supply chains are fully operational.

Central to this partnership is Atmen's "H2 Compliance Monitor", designed to enhance developers' understanding of EU green compliance requirements. By simulating energy flows and carbon intensity along the value chain, and assessing forecasted operational flows for compliance, the technology tool efficiently addresses compliance challenges and suggests a path for optimal supply chain design. As a result, a compliance report is generated. The tool is developed to save time and foster trust among offtakers, partners, public institutions and investors right from an early stage of project development.

TÜV NORD EnSys and Atmen will jointly market this product, combining Atmen's technological solution with TÜV NORD´s extensive knowledge and technical advisory services. TÜV NORD EnSys adds value to the partnership by collaborating on the H2 CRC methodology and offering additional services like tailored certification roadmaps and detailed energy simulation to the customers. This approach ensures a comprehensive strategy for achieving EU sustainability compliance.

Flore de Durfort, CEO of Atmen, commented on the partnership: "Working with TÜV NORD EnSys to offer our clients a sophisticated simulation, screening and optimization tool represents a significant step in our effort to reduce manual workloads. This collaboration allows our clients to better understand regulatory requirements, streamline their projects for sustainability, foster trust and accelerate projects path to Final Investment Decision (FID)."

Silvio Konrad, Chairman of the Management Board of TÜV NORD EnSys, also expressed satisfaction with the collaboration:"We are pleased to collaborate with Atmen, bringing together our expertise to assist customers from the early stages of hydrogen project development to operational execution. This partnership is about leveraging technology to embed the critical dimensions of compliance and potential certification in the engineering phases of hydrogen supply chains. It is about de-risking projects by building trust around their sustainability."

This partnership marks an important step forward in supporting sustainable practices within the hydrogen and e-fuels sector.


About Atmen

Atmen is a regulatory technology company based in Munich, Germany, innovating in carbon intensity certification automation.The company was founded by Flore de Durfort, Quentin Cangelosi and Erika Degoute in Munich in January 2023 with competence at the crossing of energy markets and policies and technology. With a focus on energy-intensive industries, Atmen’s platform is designed to facilitate large-scale, verifiable decarbonization processes. For more information, please visit www.Atmen.co


TÜV NORD EnSys supports industries and the energy sector with testing services, technical assessments and studies in transformation processes for defossilisation, digitalisation and sustainability. The service portfolio for safe and efficient technical systems includes the areas of renewable energies, sector coupling, storage and grid infrastructures, Power-to-X and alternative energy sources such as green hydrogen and ammonia. TÜV NORD EnSys aims to further expand its presence in the hydrogen landscape nationally and internationally by joining forces with innovative companies and solutions for the digitalisation of the supply chain.

For more information, please visit www.tuev-nord.de

Photo: Flore de Durfort, CEO of Atmen, and Silvio Konrad, Chairman of the Management Board of TÜV NORD EnSys, signed the agreement in Essen. (Image: TÜV NORD)

- Edited on 6th of June 2024 to update Atmen's product name "H2 Compliance Monitor" -

Atmen Secures the Prestigious H2-Age Award for 2024

Atmen is proud to announce its latest achievement as the winner of the coveted H2-Age Award at this year’s National Hydrogen Economic Forum. This recognition underscores Atmen’s pivotal role in advancing the hydrogen industry through innovative solutions.

Sponsored by the National Hydrogen Economic Forum, the BMW Group, Hamburg Invest, and the Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster (EEHH), the H2-Age Award celebrates trailblazing start-ups that propel the hydrogen sector forward. The award spotlights outstanding innovations across the entire hydrogen value chain, supporting young companies poised to make significant impacts.

Atmen was honoured at the 3rd National Hydrogen Economic Forum in Hamburg on May 7, 2024, where the team not only received a €5,000 prize but also a trophy and the title of "Best Hydrogen Start-up 2024". The event provided a platform for Atmen to showcase its products to a distinguished audience, including industry leaders and innovators.

The decision was made by a distinguished panel of judges, including Dr. Stefan Kaufmann, Member of the German Bundestag and former Federal Government Commissioner for Hydrogen Innovation; Prof. Dr. Christopher Hebling, Director of International Affairs at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE; and Jan Rispens, Managing Director of Erneuerbare Energien Hamburg Clusteragentur GmbH (EEHH).

In his laudatory speech, Jan Rispens particularly emphasized the platform's high degree of digitalization and the relevance of the green certification topic for the sector. Atmen provides the ideal interface between legal and regulatory requirements for green hydrogen certification, including for the requirements of the European Commission in accordance with the RED II Directive, and the operational data flows during production, supply and use of green hydrogen. It turns a complex, tedious topic into a set of highly usable applications, derisking hydrogen projects development and operations.

"We are at a turning point in the way the industry verifies its sustainability efforts. Hydrogen and e-fuels are a core part of the industrial decarbonization, but also the first energy-intensive products where the complexity of proving and certifying decarbonization are so acute." commented Flore de Durfort, co-founder and CEO of Atmen.

Atmen continues to push the boundaries of technology and innovation in the hydrogen industry, committed to contributing to a sustainable and energy-efficient future.

Photo, from left to right: Heike Tipmonta, HIW Hamburg Invest (Sponsor), Anne Kleczka, BMW Group (Sponsor), Prof. Dr. Christopher Hebeling, FhG-ISE (Juror), Dr. Dominik Peller (Atmen), Flore de Durfort (CEO Atmen), Jan Rispens, EEHH (Juror und Sponsor), Nina Alswede, HIW Hamburg Invest (Sponsor), Stefan Kaufmann, MdB (Juror)

Atmen Garners €1.3M For Breakthrough Carbon Intensity Certification Tech In The EU Industrial Sector

  • Munich-based RegTech company pioneers carbon intensity tracking for industrial products.
  • The €1.3M pre-seed funding round led by Revent and Vireo Ventures will enhance technological development and market penetration.
  • Atmen's innovative technology simplifies and accelerates the official carbon intensity certification process for EU industrial producers. The company starts with hydrogen and e-fuels.

MUNICH, Germany — January 16, 2024 — Atmen, a Munich-based regulatory technology company, announced a successful €1.3 million pre-seed funding round today. The round was led by Revent with co-investment from Vireo Ventures with participation from UnternehmerTUM and angel investors. Atmen, previously known as Point Twelve, harnesses IoT and SaaS to provide transparent, dynamic and automated carbon intensity tracking supporting the official certification process for energy-intensive industries. The company starts with hydrogen and e-fuels.

Atmen’s technology is poised to meet the surging demand for precise, scalable processes in support of certification, especially crucial for energy-intensive industries that contribute significantly to CO2 emissions. The investment will accelerate Atmen's mission to support the official certification process by replacing outdated, manual, unpredictable  processes with a streamlined, automated approach.

“We are thrilled to lead Atmen's funding round,” said Henrik Grosse Hokamp, Partner at Revent. “Industrial decarbonization is one of the most pressing challenges of our decade. Unless carbon intensity is continuously tracked and certified, producers cannot prove their target achievement and product decarbonization cannot be incentivized.”

Automated processes supporting certification for a greener industry

Atmen addresses a critical energy transition segment by focusing on hydrogen and e-fuels. The evolving EU regulations, including the Renewable Energy Directive mandating a 42% renewable hydrogen quota by 2030 and financial mechanisms like the EU Emissions Trading System and Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, are pushing industries towards greener alternatives. These regulations, along with potential penalties for not using sufficient synthetic fuels in sectors like maritime and aviation by 2030, create a compelling economic factor for industries to adapt.

Atmen recognizes the challenges of aligning with market demands and regulatory compliance. To tackle these issues, the company offers technology that enables producers to incorporate automated, streamlined processes to support sustainability certification right from the initial design phase of their products and supply chains. In addition, the company collaborates with industry partners to both promote Digital Product Passports as a norm for hydrogen and e-fuels and to enable compliance technologies. 

Leading renewable hydrogen producer Lhyfe and TÜV NORD count among Atmen's key partners.  

Digital Product Passports digitally record, process, and share product sustainability information among supply chain partners, authorities, and consumers. This initiative aims to help hydrogen and e-fuel producers comply with changing regulations and globally competing certification standards.

Supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy

"We are at a turning point in how industries verify their sustainability efforts," remarked Flore de Durfort, Co-founder & CEO of Atmen. “Hydrogen and e-fuels are a core piece of industrial decarbonization, but also the first energy-intensive products for which the pressure and complexity to prove and certify decarbonization are so acute”.

“Carbon intensity tracking and certification processes are the biggest pain points in scaling the green hydrogen economy and we believe that Atmen´s solution has the potential to become the industry-setting standard in this field. Once achieved, this offers enormous potential to be a new category-defining player to support official certification of all low-carbon products.,” added Sven Heiligtag, Partner at Vireo Ventures.

With this funding, Atmen is well-positioned to deliver its cutting-edge automation platform to market, supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy.

About Atmen:

Atmen is a regulatory technology company based in Munich, Germany, innovating in carbon intensity certification automation. The company was founded by Flore de Durfort, Quentin Cangelosi and Erika Degoute in Munich in January 2023 with competencies at the crossing of energy markets and regulation and technology. With a focus on energy-intensive industries, Atmen’s platform is designed to facilitate large-scale, verifiable decarbonization processes. For more information, visit www.atmen.co

About Revent:

Revent is an Impact VC fund investing in startups across Europe using technology to drive systemic change in climate, health, and economic empowerment sectors. With a hands-on approach, Revent empowers companies to combine purpose with profitability. Contact: Henrik Grosse Hokamp, henrik@revent.vc, www.revent.vc

About Vireo Ventures:

Vireo Ventures is a Venture Capital firm that invests in European early-stage start-ups. The Vireo Electrification Fund invests in technology companies that seek to shape and benefit from accelerating the energy transition via decarbonized electrification, from renewable energy production, smart grids, and infrastructure all the way to applications in areas such as emobility, real estate, and industry.  The founders of Vireo Ventures combine decades of experience with extensive networks in the energy industry and leverage their expertise when supporting portfolio companies. Contact: Matthias Engel, matthias@vireo.vc , www.vireo.vc

- Edited on 6th June 2024 for clarity -

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